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Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is Skype1337?   

Skype1337 - Vip Hack Program - This is a simple way to hack Skype Passwords with a Skype1337 Hack Program doing the work. It has several very important features. You can use MD5 Hash generator. There is also Public Proxy option available, which means you don't need to hack passwords with your IP. Your IP will stay hidden! Skype blocker will make things easier to crack. And last and MOST important thing is "Generate New Password" option which allows you to make completly new password for account you want to hack/crack.
If you want this then download - Skype1337 VIP Hack Program.

Watch Video to see all Program Features

Program Features:
- MD5 Hash Generator
- Public Proxy - Hide your IP! 
- Skype Blocker - Crack Passwords even easier!
- Generate New Password   

Download Skype1337 - VIP Skype Hack Program: 

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